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CFMO Fleet Certification

When your operation goes through the Certified Fleet Management Operation (CFMO) process, the fleet manager along with the entire staff can measure and work to improve the operation's effectiveness, competitiveness and efficiency using a detailed certification self-audit that is based on industry best practices. There are over 120 specific certification criteria addressing 20 critical areas of fleet management. There are also 15 very specific performance standards that will be measured. At the core of the certification are eight foundation categories that will be reviewed. These include:

  1. Staffing and productivity
  2. Company and employee goals, mission statement and business plan
  3. Parts inventory management
  4. Replacement policy and financial program
  5. Fleet utilization management
  6. Fleet policy and procedures documentation
  7. Preventive maintenance program
  8. Customer service and level of support

Fleet operations that are seeking certification must complete the entire auditing process and the self-audit test with a passing score. Once an agency feels that they have met the standards of the certification self-audit and have passed the minimum requirements they may apply to validate the audit results. The validation process requires that a GFMA Certification Auditor visit the applicant on-site and review the self-audit in detail. This will include a review of background documentation, interviews with customer departments/fleet staff and an overall analysis of the fleet operation. The validation process normally takes one or two days.

Upon successful completion of the on-site validation process the Certification Auditor will meet with the fleet management team and provide a short verbal findings and recommendations report. The fleet will also receive a crystal certification award recognizing that they have achieved CFMO status. The fleet's accomplishment will be publicized in the following ways:

  1. Agency will be listed with other certified fleets on the Government Fleet Management Alliance Website
  2. Agency will be listed with other certified fleets in every issue of Government Fleet Magazine
  3. News story will be published in Government Fleet Magazine announcing the certification
  4. Press release will be sent to the fleet's local media news outlets
  5. Agency will receive recognition during an annual certification ceremony at the Government Fleet Expo & Conference

For more information on the certification process, benefits and associated costs, please e-mail certification@gfmalliance.com.

Certification Testimonials:

"We are still working on our certification status. However, using just one of the implementation plans has saved our city over $10 million in three years. Going through the process is an eye opener."

"We chose not to privatize our fleet operations, and need a proven method that will ensure that our expectations and being meant? The answer is the CFMO process!"

"How do we compare to the industry best practices and how do we measure our efficiency? The answer is the CFMO process!"

"The bottom line is that we are now cost effective and have an outside testing process in place that will testify to our level of performance. I could never demonstrate how good we were before. Now I can."

"Just going throughout the certification testing process brings your fleet team together. I thought we were good before but now that we have reached certification status the cost savings are rolling it and our staff work together like never before."

"If you prepared to know the real truth about how good your agency is compared to a proven testing process, then CFMO is the management tool to use. But, be prepared for the truth."