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Fleet Performance Evaluation

By comparing your agency’s performance with the needs of the fleet users, Fleet Counselor Services provides your agency with an in-depth evaluation based on the budget constraints of the provider and the user. This one-time, comprehensive comparison clearly identifies the needs of all the fleet users and the methods by which they may pay for the desired level of service.

Through our proprietary Mission Critical 20 Analysis process we are able to determine areas of weakness in your agency’s performance when compared to the needs of your fleet users. After a meticulous review process, we will present your agency with a report of recommendations and alternatives. All alternatives are thoroughly evaluated to determine the impact of each option prior to implementation. FCS will also provide a complete project implementation plan and training for your staff to ensure success once the most effective recommendations have been selected.

With FCS’s Fleet Performance Evaluation process, your agency will have the ability to manage its fleet operations with the efficiency of a private company while meeting your specific goals. Many agencies request FCS's Performance Evaluation on a regular basis so that they may remain highly competitive with the private sector. If regularly scheduled, the program keeps your fleet management staff apprised of the latest industry management trends, allowing the service to pay for itself many times over.