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Fleet Management Policy and Procedures Manual Development

Fleet Counselor Services (FCS) develops high-quality, industry-specific policies and procedures to govern public and private fleets. FCS can provide your fleet agency with a custom written Fleet Policy and Procedures Manual, specifically developed for any fleet agency. Or, your agency can adopt industry best practices policies and procedures from the Fleet Counselor Services Fleet Policy and Procedures Manual. Whether you adopt custom-developed or industry best practices policies and procedures, your comprehensive policies and procedures manual will address items such as:

  • Mission Statements
  • Accident and Damage Reporting Policies
  • Utilization Policies
  • Status Reporting Procedures
  • Replacement Policies
  • Billing Policies and Procedures
  • Rental Rate Development
  • Computer System Utilization
  • Work Order Procedures
  • Labor Productivity Programs
  • Inventory Management Procedures
  • Alternative Fuel Programs
  • Budgeting/Accounting Procedures
  • Exception Reporting Procedures

Motor Pool Policies and Procedures Manual

FCS conducts a complete onsite analysis, and interviews motor pool staff members to develop an industry best practices policy and procedures manual specifically designed to meet your agency’s specific needs.

Fleet Counselor Services Fleet Policies and Procedures Manual

FCS has combined its quarter-century of experience with insider research to provide your agency with a complete guide of policies and procedures instituted in some of the country’s leading fleet operations. The Fleet Counselor Services Fleet Policies and Procedures Manuals, also available electronically, provides over 150 policy and procedural issues that can be easily implemented in your fleet. Both custom-designed and industry-standard best practices manuals are available for local, federal, military, and foreign fleet motor pools.