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Fleet Privatization Quality Assurance Program

If you are considering a privatization contract
If you are about to consider a contract firm to provide your agency's fleet maintenance needs, FCS has developed a method of determining all the key aspects which you will need in your contract in order to have a successful agreement. Additionally, we will help to ensure that the fleet users receive the level of service they need to meet their goals. Each agency is different, and depending on the levels of service you provide to the citizens, you may wish to maintain more control over your fleet and provide a combination of private services in conjunction with a selected group of in-house services as part of the contract. FCS can assist in determining the proper approach.

If you have an existing contract
If your current operation is plagued with complaints about the contractor and neither you nor the contractor knows what to do, FCS can help by performing a complete situation assessment. Additionally, FCS will present a prioritized list of key items, which will require action in order to correct the existing situation. As an option, FCS will return quarterly to act as a counselor or an outside, independent, fully qualified observer to assist with resolving areas of concern.

Perhaps the existing firm is not managing your account in your agency's best interest, or you have doubts about continuing the contract. Fleet Counselor Services can provide a performance appraisal of the contractor's level of effectiveness including cost-of-service benefit, and recommendations.