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Fleet Utilization Studies

Fleet Counselor Services provides a proven, highly cost-effective method of determining your agency’s optimum level of fleet utilization. Our fleet consultants thoroughly examine your agency’s fleet information system to determine where utilization problems exist. If your agency's vehicle database is incomplete or inaccurate, we will use our on-site automated process to reconstruct your fleet’s utilization history. FCS will present you with a concise detailed report addressing critical usage problem areas.

The cost-of-ownership criteria that FCS uses in our evaluation of your fleet is based on the desired levels of service provided to your customers. Upon completion of the project, we will provide and train your staff with cost-effective downtime standards and annual utilization management criteria that can save millions of dollars in capital costs. FCS optionally provides a comprehensive preventive maintenance plan to help meet the up-time requirements of the user departments, while addressing the latest in technology.

Our utilization studies have proven to be the most financially successful projects for many of our clients. Please contact our offices for magazine articles and additional information on how your agency can save money.